Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Neo-Hippies are a very underhanded group.
Anytime they push an agenda, it's never quite as simple as it seems.
There's usually a secret motive behind it all.

Let's review one such example:
They've brainwashed an entire generation of European women into acepting a false set of priorities. The finer things, such as child rearing became secondary. Also, the idea of marriage became passe.

The Neo-Hippies deliberately created many conflicts between the genders. But this Article doesn't aim to dissect those issues. instead, we'll merely focus upon one specific issue.

Whether an American woman is married or single, the media has taught her to create a false set of priorities.
She might already be married at the age of 29.
But nonetheless; she's being taught to wait-a-while before having child.
Now, why on earth would some Lecturer advise women to skip parenthood until later in life ? It really doesn't make any sense.
Amazingly, women felt compelled to adhere to this request.

Plus, as an added incentive to comply, the Lecturers rewarded her with rhetoric.
Indeed, they portray her as a Superhero, just because she's 30 and childless.
It's somewhat surprising how these silly tricks prove effective.
Media Gurus have even brainwashed happily married women into believing this lie.
She's taught that it's preferable to wait until her 40th birthday before considering having children.
But the opposite happens to be true.
Anytime she bears child before the age of 27; women unanimously agree that it's the correct decision. (thus, don't wait until after 40?)
Why then must Self-Proclaimed Prophets convince her that otherwise is true ?
And, since when is The Media's Goal to decide such matters.

Okay, with that in mind:
consider these simple factors:
1)Self-Proclaimed Gurus attempt to decide when couples should start families.
2)They teach women that it's better to start a family later in life.
3)They fail to warn her about the biological difficulties.
4)It's much easier for a young energetic woman to raise a family.
5)Aside from this, The Media teaches women to be overly selective, when choosing a partner.
This is merely trick to push her child-rearing days until later in life.

MEANWHILE, all the while this is happening;
Neo-Hippies were sneaking foreigners in, through the backdoor.
But, all the lessons taught did not apply to these veiled old-fashioned women.
Essentially, The Progressives make exception for these women.
And the universal rules need not apply to them.

In other words,
not only do Radicals think it's okay for Immigrant women to bear children young; they actually think it's a great idea.
In fact, Neo-Hippies even support the idea of irresponsible overpopulating.
You wouldn't think, the Feminist-Sympathizers would ever support this conflicting message.
They believe that it's wonderful if a poor 3rd world Veiled woman produces a large family.
Do you remember that earlier remark about [Neo-Hippies being sly and underhanded]?

Protesters worked tirelessly convincing American women that Child Rearing is secondary.

But then, a population explosion arose from old-fashioned foreign couples.
Where rarely is a woman still single after her 22nd birthday.
But, the Gurus waved flags in triumph.
They considered it a milestone when our population quickly spiraled past 300 million, and beyond.
What happened to all that talk about "responsible parenting"?
Why doesn't this rule apply to veiled old-fashioned women from afar ?

On Saturday, January 1, 2011, just after midnight;
the first New Years baby was born in New York.
The mother was veiled Pakistani immigrant.
And, the Media quickly trumpeted the event as a racial milestone for Islam.
They believe it's good for America to bring many different peoples from foreign lands.

I never thought I'd see the day when so-called Liberals would support Islamic family values.
Doesn't anyone find this suspicious ??

Now, on a final note;
let's reveal an actual event which took place sometime back in 1994.
A group of Stuffy female Reporters were glamorizing the idea that women should wait until 'after 40' before starting families. And, a sad woman then called the T.V. Network.
And, publicly broke into tears.
The caller began crying and crying because the Media brainwashed her into believing that family was secondary.
And, she was led to believe that American Women should wait until their 40's before considering Child-rearing.

They failed to mention various risks associated with Late Child-rearing.
---possible birth defects, infertility, depression;
or, she could get involved with an abusive boyfriend at age 44.
There's always a alight possibility, she could suddenly die of Cancer.
Yet once, a mother of three, succumbed to illness before her 35th birthday.
But, she was still happy to be blessed with a husband,
and her children who will carry on.

It leads to wonder:
How was it so easy to brainwash an entire generation of American women?


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